Latinx Identity in a Black & White World

This group seeks to offer a space for those who cannot so easily identify as "White, Black or African American, Indigenous-American, Asian, or Native Hawaiian"-- these are the official"races" the United States government recognizes; according to the U.S. census website, Hispanics and Latinos can be "any race."

But what do we do, and how do we speak up, if we believe we experience racism and xenophobia *because* of what we attribute to our Latino/a or Hispanic background? What does it mean to be brown--some form of "in-between"--in a discussion of race that starts off in a Black-White binary? The goal is to introduce a discussion around what it means to be Latino/a, or Latinx, in today's U.S. climate.


René Velarde


Book: "Brown Church" by Robert Chao Romero



Refund Deadline January 24