We All We Got: Healing Within the Black Diaspora

Blackness is beautiful, and yet Blackness is not monolithic. We are African American, we are African, Afro Caribbean, Afro Latina and more, sometimes we hold multiple of these identities within us all at once. In a country rooted and grounded in white supremacy, our solidarity has always been paramount but has not always been existent. 

Using films such as Black Panther, podcasts and articles, we will begin to have conversations on what it means to heal where there has been pain and misunderstanding among us. We will raise questions like, What does it mean to be black? Who defines blackness? Who is owed reparations in America? And what does solidarity truly look like?


Mark Chase and Yemi Kuku


Book: "How to be An Anti-Racist" by Ibram X Kendi



Refund Deadline January 24