The Story of Us

Finding our own story, and learning to tell it, can be a huge step in our personal healing and self-discovery. Telling our stories can also be a huge agent of societal change and the healing of a group or even a nation. When we are confronted with cynics and those that might be defensive about conversations around race, sharing stories and developing connection through our stories can be a way to cut through some of those blocks. 

This class will be a combination of hearing from people who have gone about finding their own stories, and the importance of that process in their lives. We will then hear their stories and have space to process our reactions and how, if at all, we relate to what they are sharing. We will also start the process of finding our own stories, and practice telling them, together, in a safe place. Finally, we will take a page from Marshall Ganz, organizer with Cesar Chavez and Obama and Harvard Professor, and learn how we might use our own story and the story of our people to bring about societal change.


Susan Christopher and Cristin Spriggs


Provided by the hosts.



Refund Deadline January 24