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Melanie Grace

Tuesday at 7:00 PM


All Ages and Stages

Description: Hello Friend! We welcome you into our Winter Session! We are a Gospel centered, multi-ethnic, intergenerational online community and our mission is simple: to relax in a pressure-free zone, build supportive relationships and to make disciples of Christ through the personal application of the Word of God. Your voice is important and we want to strengthen you in your journey of deepening your roots of Faith and Divine purpose! Please feel free to reach out and we will respond. We bless you and look forward to meeting you! :-) Melanie

Melissa Webster

Thursday at 7:00 PM


All Ages and Stages

Description: This is a group that was brought together during the start of the Pandemic. We are classified as 'All ages and All stages'. Our group is truly multi-ethnic and intergenerational - we would love for you to come and join us if your are seeking an LG family!

Vivian Williams, Cara Cheung

Sunday at 1:30 PM



All Ages and Stages, Women

Description: This LifeGroup is not wheelchair accessible and does not have pets onsite. All Ages & Stages